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Review: Blue Stone Botanicals (English)

Update 2023 Surprisingly, this brand is still exist. The pictures on this post were crashed because I just migrated my blog from Wordpress to Blogger. Another botanicals review? Yep… as you know that recently I just change my skin care routine from chemicals to organic and natural so I need a lot of reference about organic and natural product. After a bit review about Sensatia Botanicals , now it's time for me to write about Blue Stone Botanicals (BSB). Sounds like Backstreet Boys ha... #LOL. BSB was formed and manufactured in Ubud. They actually focus on producing essential oils and its derive product such as lip balm, body mist, aromatherapy or soaps. BSB is different with sensatia which is more focus on skin care product to enrich and repair our skin with or without using essential oils. BSB is mainly produce for living things using benefits of essential oils. BSB actually is more traditional because they don’t open any authorized store overseas and it’s purely founded by Indon

Review: Sensatia Botanicals; Indonesian Organic and Natural Skincare(English)

Updated 2023 This is a very old post on my blog. I have deleted the pictures because I don't have access to them anymore. I didn't delete this post because it shows great traffic LOL but soon I'll update the review with the newest product of Sensatia Botanicals. Hello, I am back. How’s life there? The weather of Surabaya is so ‘naughty’. It keeps changing so fast, sometimes it’s dry, and in the other day it will be very wet. But that’s life, always be grateful what God give to us and spread the positive vibes. All right, since I just move to my home office and decided to quit the school job (#LOL), I’ll have many spare times, so probably you gonna see that my feeds will keep update (I hope so). Anyway, today I’d like to review one of my favorite organic and natural skincare; Sensatia Botanicals. It’s origin from Bali but probably some of you just heard about this brand. Sensatia provide wide range products from head to toe to take care of your body as well as your face.