Very Short Escape to Banyuwangi

First, I’d like to say thank you for all the kind wishes from family, friends and colleagues on my wedding party. I am so grateful to be surrounded by them. I am pretty sure that my wedding couldn’t be real without their help.

We were not literally planning for a honeymoon. But then we had an idea to plan kind of short escape to Banyuwangi. Why Banyuwangi? At the time, Bali was threatened by Gunung Agung eruption and we didn’t want to go to some crowded city or place. Plus, mas suami (read:husband) has an old friend that can be visited. We commit to ourselves that during our leisure trip we will give a spare time for silaturrahim by visiting friends or family. Without further due, I am going to share my two cents travel experience.

We decided to use the train (Probowangi) from Bangil and get off at Karangasem train station. If you plan to go to Kawah Ijen, Karangasem is the best starting point. You’ll find a motorcycle rental and backpacker hostel right in front of the station which was quite surprising. We thought that it is going to be hard to find motorcycle rent service so that we googled and booked a motorcycle online. The rental company provide free of charge pickup service. They actually offered to Kawah Ijen tour but we only have limited time really. Save for next visit, maybe?